Saturday, 27 October 2012

Silvio Berlusconi and the end?

Friday, October 26, 2012. Few days after Silvio Berlusconi stated that he will not stand as a prime minister candidate in 2013 elections, a tribunal sentences the tycoon for tax fraud (just in case).

Is it the endo or just another chapter that unfolds?
“For the love of Italy” said Berlusconi a couple of days ago “I will not be presenting my candidacy”, referring to next year Italian elections, but he will remain at the side of younger politicians. Many people did not take the statement seriously, knowing the ability of Silvio Berlusconi in creating dramatic moments and comebacks. “I don't believe it” declared Berlusconi's former friend Umberto Bossi, whilst Romano Prodi long-lasting adversary said “You can never tell, wait before writing down the headlines”.
Yesterday a Milan's court decided to make sure he will not run for it, and - at the end of the so-called Mediaset-trial - sentenced him to four years and banning him from holding public office for five years. And Berlusconi just did not see it coming: "My lawyers and I never thought that such a conviction would be possible" Berlusconi said. And – of course – the verdict is ''absolutely incredible” for AC Milan soccer team's President, and it's the umpteenth “barbarous act” of a “communist plot” that created an “intolerable judicial harassment”. For Silvio's lawyers - Piero Longo and Niccolò Ghedini - the result is “lacking legal logic”.

Right now Silvio Berlusconi is being a guest at the Kenyan ranch of another tycoon, Flavio Briatore. People of Liberty may well be “unable to hate” and they “never bear grudges” - as the new PdL anthem states – but when Silvio comes back could prove being a little cross.