Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Berlusconi: is AC Milan club falling apart?

Monday, 17 March 2014. After a resounding 2-4 defeat at home against the humble Parma, AC Milan show all their weaknesses as the president Silvio Berlusconi point the finger against his long-time friend Galliani, ex-iconic player Carlo Maldini slams the team's management and Mario Balotelli (apparently) bangs Internazionale's player's grilfriend.

Parma FC players – among them AC Milan's reject Antonio Cassano – would have never dreamed of beating the rossoneri in San Siro, a few months ago, but now, as everybody seem to be able to beat Berlusconi's team (not only Atletico Madrid), things are different and the 2-4 win doesn't sound so uncanny. But still, AC Milan's fans did not take it well, and started to stage a protest.
Silvio Berlusconi and AC Milan's trophies
on an old photo from the times when the club was a successful team.

“[New coach] Seedor is not the problem” declared Silvio Berlusconi – who handpicked the Dutch after sacking Massimiliano Allegri - in a quick interview, “there are no discussions, he will be here next year as well”. Berlusconi's stubbornness is pretty well known in Italy, the supporter might be tempted to wait and see, instead of tackling head on the Cavaliere.

What is the problem? AC Milan's is a “badly built team” says Mr Berlusconi, accusing Adriano Galliani to have squandered his money to buy players not good enough.

By doing this, former prime minister of Italy is backing his daughter Barbara Berlusconi reiterated attacks toward Adriano Galliani, the long-time friend and business partner who is now likely to be ousted for good at the end of the season.

A struggle that has been going on for a while.

Barbara Berlusconi: drinking to Galliani's departure?
Another voice has joined the discussion, former AC Milan's iconic captain (he played 647 games with the club) Paolo Maldini – who left the team in sorrow a few years ago – slamming Galliani, and maybe hoping to get a job there (he met already Barbara Berlusconi twice, but negotiations seem to have somehow stuck. “Galliani thinks he's almighty,” said Maldini in an interview “they don't have a project, and the structure is weak”.

In the meanwhile Italian [TV programme] Big Brother's contestant Veronica Graf (the girlfriend Internazionale Milan's player Tider) revealed that she took part in a foursome with stricker Mario Balotelli, possibly the most disappointing purchase of the Galliani's management (he came in 2013 from Manchester City), his brother Enoch, and a (girl)friend of her.
[Update: Internazionale FC has released a note denying that their player Saphir Taider “has ever had any relationship with the Graf girl”.

Looks like AC Milan is going to the dogs (and possibly some bitches).