Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Berlusconi: AC Milan makes me lose 50 million a year

Wednesday, 25 March 2014. During a meeting with MPs from the Italian region of the Marches, Silvio Berlusconi stated that maintaining the football team has a cost of 50m euro a year (£42m or $69m), which is a bit annoying, given the results.

During a gathering at Villa Grazioli, his residence in Rome, Silvio Berlusconi couldn't help talking about the AC Milan, at least with the supporters of the rossoneri among a selection of members of parliament representing his party Forza Italia.

Silvio Berlusconi, Carlo Ancelotti and Maldini
When AC Milan was successful: Berlusconi with coach Ancelotti and captain Maldini
Photograph: New Press/Getty
Apparently one of the milanisti said “Mr President, you should do something, I am so sorrow that such an important team is in such a situation” hinting at the fact that the club is virtually out of all competitions and AC Milan seem to be free-falling.

The media mogul – who have several times pledged to spend more time with the team – allegedly replied “You are sorrow? What about me, that I lose 50 million a year!”, showing how cross is Berlusconi with the situation of losing huge amounts of money for the football club.

Beside the loss, the team is giving SB only headaches, in the form of terrible performances and infighting between his daughter Barbara Berlusconi and his (former?) friend Adriano Galliani.

“They destroyed my Milan”,
said ex-captain Paolo Maldini
The sacking of former head coach Massimiliano Allegri and the signing of ex-player and manager Clarence Seedorf didn't do any good, so far.

Having heard that, the Italian media started to speculate over the possibility that Mr Berlusconi might think that enough is enough, and might try and sell AC Milan to the best bidder, before .

For sure we are going to hear about those speculations in the incoming weeks.

In any case AC Milan plays ACF Fiorentina tonight, the team should better try and bring home a positive result, for a change, if they want to remain in the hands of Silvio Berlusconi.

Good luck, AC Milan!