Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Berlusconi: awaiting the ruling over his sentence, he has been visiting social workers and hospitals

Monday, 7 April 2014. In the run-up to Thursday's discussion over his sentence, Berlusconi visits a social worker and a hospital, just in case.

As Silvio Berlusconi already did in the past (do you remember the uveitis case, almost exactly one year ago?), before any ruling against him, he boast of some minor injuries or diseases, and spends sometime in a hospital.

Berlusconi knows a thing or two, about avoiding trials...

This is just in case he is in the mood to appeal to a “legitimate impediment” and avoid the trial (and killing four birds with one stone: skipping the humiliation, holding up the proceedings, one of his specialities, raising commiseration and gaining visibility, as the Italian media will talk about it).

In this specific case Mr Berlusconi awaits the decision of Milan's Surveillance court (in 
Italian Tribunale di Sorveglianza), a panel of two Milan judges and two law professors which will determine how he should spend the sentence he obtained for a tax fraud conviction: house arrest or public services.

Initially he was given a four-year sentence, but that was commuted into 12 month only.

So the former prime minister of Italy called on his personal physician, Dr Alberto Zangrillo, with a swollen knee, and spent the night of the 4 April at the San Raffaele hospital.

Apart from the medical cures, Silvio Berlusconi also had to meet up with a social worker, in order to determine whether he can be reinserted into civil life after serving his time for tax fraud, in the latest ignominy for the billionaire, who – following the so-far only definitive sentence - was booted from the Senate, he is not allowed to leave the country, had to strip himself of his knighthood, and so on.