Sunday, 6 April 2014

Berlusconi is portrayed by good friend and full time pensioner George W Bush

Friday, 4 April 2014. 67-year-old George W Bush portrays world leaders – among them 77-year-old Berlusconi – showing how retirement can be a nice period of our lives.

As a world leader George W Bush has collected a few critics (even though he won Mr Berlusconi's long-lasting friendship), here and there, but you have to admit that as a amateur painter he has a knack, as he unveiled an exhibitions of his works, dubbed “The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy”.

Silvio Berlusconi has been portrayed by his good friend George W Bush, this is the painting
Silvio Berlusconi, as seen by good pal George W Bush

There are 24 characters portrayed by the former president of the USA, like his very father George H W Bush, Russia's president Vladimir Putin, former UK's prime minister Tony Blair, the Dalai Lama and – of course - the disgraced ex-prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi (currently out of work as a politician, due to his judicial woes).

Some of the models might disclose their toughness, through their portraits, some others might be admired for their wisdom, and also Silvio Berlusconi was offering one of his best sardonic grins, in the painting sketched by the man who invaded Iraq a few years ago.

Bush and Berlusconi met in September 2002, in the run up to the 2nd Iraqi war, in Camp David, where their camaraderie cemented, and the Italian media tycoon visited Dallas in April 2013, on the occasion of the George W Bush Presidential Center dedication ceremony (I know, he fell asleep, but he showed affection, nevertheless). 

“I chose leaders who I admired over the years of my presidency trying to capture the spirit,” declare a justly proud G W Bush to the NBC reporter who interviewed him was none other than his daughter Jenna Bush Hager.

In the wake of the event, in Italy some observers commented that also Mr Berlusconi could give painting a try (or p├ętanque, for that matters), and stop meddling into Italian politics for good, but we ain't so sure eh would pay heed to that advice.

P.S.: Talking about the Dalai Lama, if you're interested in his views about Berlusconi, take a look at this short video on our YouTube Channel: click here).