Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Berlusconi explains what have in common Beppe Grillo, Robespierre, Pol Pot, Hitler and Stalin

Friday, 2 May 2014. Interviewed by Nicola Porro – unbiased journalist and employee of the Berlusconi's family (does this work?) – Silvio Berlusconi gives the Italian a history's lesson and an advice on whom they shouldn't vote for.

Par condicio (Latin for equal treatment)is a most fashionable word in Italy, when it comes to electoral campaigns, it stands for fairness doctrine (if you trust Wikipedia), id est (if it has to be Latin, so be it!) giving the same opportunities to politicians to get exposed by the media.

How can you vote for someone who is as bad as Robespierre and Marx were, asks Mr Berlusconi...
Nicola Porro is the anchorman hosting Virus, a talk show on Italy's national TV broadcaster Rai2, as well as the vice director of Berlusconis-owned Il Giornale newspaper, and he is very keen on giving the three leaders of the three major Italian parties the same chances to appear on his show. 

How do you do that? Well, first you will explain that not allowing Mr Berlusconi to travel to the show on Fridays (the movements of the ex-prime minister are subject to limitations, due to his conviction for tax fraud) is really a bad thing the judges shouldn't have done, and second you give him an recorded interview him in his home, showing how nice is his dog and how cool is his dining room (not to mention how cool were the women who have been invited to “elegant dinners” there!).

Then you will go on asking him tough questions. The one I really liked was «How many people voted for you Mr President?». The reply is «more than 200 million», which is quite a number, compared to a population of 60 million (but you know, if you just multiply them...).
That's what Berlusconi is talking about!

Anyhow, what's the main point of the interview? Giving Berlusconi the possibility to say that Silvio Berlusconi said that M5S's leader and political adversary Beppe Grillo is a really bad person, everybody who knows him well is aware of it. Isn't that a proof?

“Bloodbath” is the only thing that Grillo can produce, says the par condicion-ed Berlusconi, adding that the (ex-)comedian is just like Hitler (apart from the beard, I reckon, sure also the former prime minister spotted that...), and his 5-star-movement is a kind of sect. Yes, just like Robespierre, some Christian medieval's movements, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot: you know the type, don't you? Comedians turned into politicians, tyrants and dictators, all the same (apart from Benito Mussolini, who was a good man and a terrific comedian)!

A more lucid analysis was made about Italians going to vote in the next European parliament elections, as Berlusconi explained that half of the Italians are delusional, embittered, disgusted (and will not go to the polls), the other half, the other 50%, is divided by 3 thirds: PD, PDL and Grillo (these are not only embittered and embittered, but furious and incensed). The remaining (if we followed carefully enough, it should be about 3.3333333%) are just pissed off, presumably.

Couldn't go on listening.